Blockchain is a Game Changer, Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a Game Changer, Leveraging Blockchain Technology

In this episode, we talked about Q1- the past activities in the Block, The present Blockchain situation, and the Future of Blockchain. On how we can leverage Blockchain as a profession.

✅ Dr. Tammy Francis. PhD
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Accreditation and Certification

✅ Dr. Vincent Rey Vicente, MD
Director of Business and Development


The Block is a weekly show where we invite guests, and subject-matter experts to discuss blockchain-related topics.

ICORBP is the Continuing Technical Education (CTE) of Althash Education aims at developing relevant skills; applying best practices; maintaining quality & standards; and enhancing vital competencies.

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00:00 Intro
02:32 Word from Sponsors/Partners
07:04 Blockchain Topics Q1- Previous Episodes
12:57 Present Market Condition

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