Blockstart Training: BI-03-05 Blockchain in Healthcare - Michael Munz Blockchain-Technologieberatung

BI-03 - Module A: Blockchain basics for the Healthcare Industry

In this module, the participants will gain a profound knowledge of the history, the technical basics and possible applications of the Blockchain Technology as well as an overview of use cases in the healthcare industry.
- Background - The growing interest in distributed ledger technologies
- Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology / Blockchain Technology
- Blockchain Fundamentals / Technical Introduction
- Blockchain applications from practical experience
- Summary Blockchain Technology
- Potential of Blockchain Technology for the Healthcare Sector

BI-04 - Module B: Deep Dive - Blockchain in the Healthcare Industry

In this module, participants gain a detailed insight into Blockchain-based/enabled business models from various industries, a detailed overview of applications in the healthcare industry, the technological interaction with other technologies and a perspective of the impact on the processes and business environment of the respective company.
- Blockchain Archetypes
- Blockchain based / enabled business models
- Analysis of selected use cases from various industries
- Overview of selected Use Cases and Applications in the Healthcare Sector
- Convergence with other technologies
- Implications and effects on digital business processes and ecosystems

BI-05: Module C: Business Development Workshop: How to identify and define suitable business cases for the Healthcare Industry – in Cooperation with Horváth & Partners

In this module, the participants receive a deep knowledge of the possible applications of Blockchain Technology and develop first ideas for the digitalization of business processes, products or services.

- Keynote presentation on Blockchain Technology, possible fields of application and use cases in the Healthcare Industry
- Insights to current trends and challenges within the Healthcare Industry
- First "high level" discussion of opportunities & risks for your company
- Derivation of strategic focus areas with high "Blockchain relevance”
- Sharpened technology understanding & awareness
- Give insights how to transfer an Idea to an growing and successful business field
- Defined focus areas for detailed analyses and possible pilot applications
- Discussion regarding the suitability of the ideas and further development of 2 to 3 Blockchain ideas
- Summary and preparation of the workshop results
- Planning and coordination of follow-up activities
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