Bloomberg Analyst: The Bitcoin Supercycle Is Here | Mike McGlone

In this episode of On The Margin, Mike is joined by Mike McGlone, the Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence.

Mike shares his thoughts on the Bitcoin futures ETFs, the outlook for an Ethereum ETF, crypto market cycles, commodity price increases, the deflationary forces of technology and the incoming Bitcoin supercycle.

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00:36・Thoughts on Bitcoin ETFs
03:58・Bitcoin arbitrage
06:52・Massive opportunity for the U.S
10:09・China vs U.S
14:30・Ethereum ETF
18:50・Institutional demand for Ethereum
25:36・Crypto market cycles
30:26・Coinbase Prime Ad
31:40・Ledger Ad
33:41・The Bitcoin & commodity supercycle
41:01・China's role in the pricing of commodities
44:17・Inflation vs Deflation
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