BTC054: A Sovereign Bitcoin Bond in El Salvador w/ Adam Back & Samson Mow

Dr. Adam Back and Samson Mow talk with Preston Pysh about their assistance with El Salvador to issue a billion-dollar bond that's backed by Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:00:10 - How did the coordination with El Salvador to create this bond come about?
0:02:09 - What's the terms of the issuance?
0:04:10 - How is the bond backed?
0:07:02- What's the conservative return expected from the issuances?
0:08:35 - Why would someone buy this bond over just owning Bitcoin?
0:24:24 - How is citizenship incorporated into the bond?
0:30:45 - Where can a person buy it?
- How can they buy it?
0:37:33 - Sovereign competition for regulatory considerations
0:43:17 - Bitcoin City in El Salvador
0:50:08 - What's the liquidity going to be like?

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