BTC111: Nostr - Decentralized Social Media & Bitcoin w/ William Casarin

Preston Pysh interviews William Casarin about a new decentralized social media platform called Nostr which could bring free speech and anti-censorship to the internet via a Twitter-like experience.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:35 - So what is Nostr?
00:02:41 - It seems like the protocol is optimized around simplicity, is that it?
00:05:34 - What does this look like 5 years from now?
00:10:27 - What other application might pop out of this?
00:15:43 - What are all these clients interfacing with the protocol?
00:21:49 - What concerns do you have about open speech on sexual, racial, or explicit things?
00:24:18 - How do you remove centralized servers with something like this?
00:29:50 - Can traditional social media companies benefit from using Nostr?
00:34:39 - What would someone's incentive be to run their own relay?
00:38:12 - How does this all tie into Bitcoin?

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