BTC112: Bitcoin Mastermind Discussion w/ Steven McClurg, Jeff Ross, and Joe Carlasare 1Q 2023

This is the 1st Quarter Bitcoin/Macro Mastermind discussion for 2023 with Preston Pysh, Jeff Ross, Steven McClurg, and Joe Carlasare. The group covers the numerous digital asset exchange collapses, broader treasury markets, inflation, stocks, China, and more.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:44 - What's the mastermind's thoughts on FTX and SBF?
00:09:58 - What's happening with Gemini, DCG, Genesis, & GBTC?
00:14:20 - What's the group's thoughts on Binance?
00:16:27 - Why is a risk assessment of counterparts risk so important?
00:16:27 - Thoughts on liquidity and how to use it to understand volatility limits.
00:22:39 - An overview of Fixed Income Markets and High Yield Debt.
00:37:29 - Thoughts on inflation and what it might trend towards in 2023.
00:50:00 - The 30 year versus the 3 month and what that means for FED policy moving forward.
01:07:23 - Is China demand coming back online?
01:17:17 - What potentially causes a final capitulation for this cycle (will there even be one)?
01:22:55 - What to expect from the price of Bitcoin in 2023.

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