Building a cryptocurrency wallet in React Native - Igor Korsakov - RNL January 2022

Igor Korsakov: Building a cryptocurrency wallet in React Native
We will cover topics such as: What is a wallet, the importance of entropy, secure storage, bitcoinjs and crypto libs in general, dependencies are a liability!


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[00:00:00] Intro
[00:01:12] What is a wallet?
[00:01:31] Entropy
[00:06:28] IOS
[00:07:31] Android
[00:07:58] Secure Storage
[00:09:33] Libraries
[00:11:06] Network Requests
[00:12:07] Dependencies are a liability
[00:17:17] Crash Analytics Servers
[00:18:33] Over the air updates & security audit
[00:20:50] e2e Cl
[00:22:15] Advanced stuff
[00:22:49] Q&A
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