Building A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

I am building a solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm at our off grid homestead right now.

I am putting together all of my cryptocurrency mining rigs and bringing them back into service. I bought some cheap parts from China back when I was mining full time and many of those parts have since failed.

I have to find out what works and what does not so I can piece together some working mining rigs.

I have 20 solar panels on the way to the off grid homestead where I plan to mine cryptocurrency for free during the day on solar power.

I am using an Arduino microcomputer to control the entire operation on solar power. The Arduino computer will monitor the battery and solar panel voltages so it can turn on and off mining rigs as solar power is available.

As the sun rises in the sky in the morning the Arduino will turn on cryptocurrency mining rigs. As the sun reaches peak brightness I will have the maximum number of rigs running on solar power. Then later as the sun starts to set in the afternoon sky I will have the Arduino shut down mining rigs one after another.

Once night sets in the entire system will be shut down until morning to prevent vampire loads on the solar power battery bank.

I will also have ultrasonic alarms controlled by the microcomputer for security.

Please subscribe and follow along as I build a fully off grid solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm.

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