Building VoskCoin HQ for Solar Bitcoin Mining and Crypto YouTube!

I've been building VoskCoin for over 5 years and now finally we are building a dedicated building not only for our Crypto YouTube channel but also to stage and build out a solar powered Bitcoin mining farm! Sub!

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I became obsessed with bitcoin mining, ethereum mining, and just crypto mining in 2017 because you were able to take hardware and turn it into income producing machines that mine 24/7 and basically start earning you cryptocurrencies and thus money while you sleep. Earning passive income with robotic employees is the coolest thing! Once you pay off a mining rig, and pay the electric bill it's essentially a money printing machine. Solar power is a way to generate electricity endlessly yourself and instead of making electric companies rich, you pay off the solar panel investment and then you have a green Bitcoin mining farm making you green -- money and coins! Our 100 Acre crypto farm is finally making progress and so is the VoskCoin HQ! So let’s take a look at everything from the new house, VoskCoin HQ, and the mining farm itself!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 The solar mining farm is taking form!
00:55 Crypto mining has taken over our house
02:19 Creating a new place for merch mining and testing
03:31 Mining Bitcoin with solar power!
05:05 Unexpected hurdles for building the Solar ming farm
06:31 The Bear market - a good time to build!
07:30 What will we be doing in this new crypto building
08:32 Crypto mining Van life
08:50 A place to create even better content
10:42 Getting electricity for the miners
11:31 Elon Musk and Starlink for remote mining
12:45 What should we call this building?

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