Buy and Sell cryptocurrency earn money|#cryptocurrency2022

hello and welcome in this video we are going to start the process of selling your digital product and taking bitcoin as payment and to do that we're going to start at the website called rocketer and once you get to rocketer we're going to go to the right hand corner and you're going to click sign up you're going to then create a username along with your email address and a password you're going to click the captcha and then you're going to accept the terms and conditions of course make sure you read thoroughly the terms and conditions to make sure that they are what you would want them to be if you're going to be doing business on this platform once you've read the terms and conditions you're going to click i am not a robot and then you're going to click register once you've done that you are going to start the process by typing in your username and password and logging in once you've done that you should get an email in your box if you have set up your email correctly now this is not going to be a confirmation email so you won't have to worry about that but you will want to place this email someplace safe where you can remember it in terms of navigation you can access your settings by clicking this gear or clicking the settings button all the other things are self-explanatory you can use the analytics you can set up your products which we will be doing you can access the orders that you have generated,......................

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