Buy Bitcoin in Canada: How to Buy Cryptocurrency with BitBuy Exchange in 2021 (For Canadians!)

How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada using the BitBuy Cryptocurrency Exchange - 2020 Guide for Canadians -

BitBuy is one of the best ways to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Canada. This guide is about how to set up and use a BitBuy account step-by-step for beginners. Watch to see how BitBuy is a better option for Canadians than Coinbase.


♦ BitBuy Cryptocurrency Exchange Link - http://go.bitbuy.tech/aff_c?offer_id=3&aff_id=1007

♦ ProtonMail Encrypted Email Account Link - http://proton.go2cloud.org/SH1f

♦ Recommended Hardware Vault: BC Vault Link - https://bc-vault.com/shop/bc-vault/?wpam_id=22

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======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ========

00:00 - Background Information

7 Features about the BitBuy Exchange

00:54 - Canadian Centric
01:22 - Top-Rated Support
01:36 - Prioritizes Security
01:59 - Fast Transaction Times
02:20 - Compliant & Transparent
02:32 - Available Cryptocurrencies
02:48 - No Hidden Fees

How to Setup & Use BC Vault Crypto Hardware Wallet

03:02 - Ensure You Take the Necessary Steps BEFORE Buying Crypto
03:20 - How to Safely Access & Bookmark BitBuy Exchange
03:33 - BitBuy Account Setup
04:24 - Verify Your Identity with BitBuy Exchange
05:37 - Overview of the Main Dashboard
05:52 - Options to Add or Withdraw Canadian Dollars & Cryptocurrencies with BitBuy
08:18 - Turn on Google Authenticator to Secure Your Account Further
09:33 - Express Trade & Pro Trade Screens
10:29 - Buying & Selling Cryptocurrency with Express Trade
11:48 - Buying & Selling Cryptocurrency with Pro Trade Using Limit & Market Orders
14:24 - Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrency to a Hardware Wallet for Safe Storage

======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

BitBuy is Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange that solely focuses on serving Canadian cryptocurrency investors.

Exchanges like Coinbase do not offer high levels of support and services to people living in Canada because their main market is the United States.

Using BitBuy, Canadians are able to create an account, get instant verification, transfer bank funds the same day, and buy cryptocurrency.

Usually exchanges take days or sometimes weeks to setup, get verified, funded, and allow users to start investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Part one of this guide is all about the seven features that make BitBuy the best option for people living in Canada who want to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin and more.

BitBuy is a registered Money Services Business by FINTRAC, an entity of the Federal Government of Canada, making them both compliant and transparent.

They prioritize security, offer top-rated support services, and allow Candians to deposit, withdraw, buy, and sell large amounts of fiat and cryptocurrency fast and easy.

In the second section, we will set up a BitBuy account together and check out the platform.

We will buy, sell, deposit, withdraw, and trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrency together, step-by-step.

Finally, we will walk through transferring your cryptocurrency off of the BitBuy exchange and into your cryptocurrency hardware wallet for safe-keeping.


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♦ Recommended Exchange to Buy Altcoins:
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