Buying R1500/m ($100) of Crypto | Luno Bitcoin Savings Wallet [FEB Update]

Hi guys this is month two of my bitcoin investing series.

In Jan I decided that I will be buying R1500 ($100) worth of bitcoin every month for the next 12 months and at the end of 12 months we would see how much that crypto would be worth.

I am buying bitcoin and ethereum each month at a split of 2/3 Bitcoin and 1/3 Ethereum.

I have also decided that each month when I buy bitcoin or ethereum, I will transfer each of the coins into crypto savings accounts.

Luno has a bitcoin savings account which earns up to 2% interest and a an ethereum savings account which earns up to 3% interest per annum. They also have a USDC savings account which earns up to 7% interest.

We will also be tracking the interest earned as it pays out each month.

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