Can You Get Rich Mining Pi In 2023? Pi Network Crypto Mining App Update & News! l Pi network News

Will Pi Coin really make you a millionaire and will the Cryptocurrency launch in 2023?
Is it just a Ponzi scheme like other projects that came and made fool of people? Is it really a scam?
Seat back and enjoy today’s video because it’s filled with lots of information you wouldn’t want to miss.

The truth is, I can't tell you if Pi Network is scam or not. Though, Pi Network surely is gaining popularity, that I can tell.
Pi network doesn't require monetary but it requires your identity. If you value your identity, then just don’t trouble yourself engaging with the project because you definitely have to provide your personal details during the KYC verification but if you want to take risk, then dive on it.
Remember, Bitcoin started at $0 and was tag as scam, while blatant Ponzi schemes hidding in “MLM" are tag as “Financial literacy”.
So, it your choice. It's either you go for it or not.
To be honest with you, I can’t tell you that pies success is guaranteed but Pi has a working blockchain in the testing phase, it has wallets for testing Pi coins, transactions going on in the blockchain can be seen, there are more than 35 million people in the network, It is difficult to say it as a scam.
The other time in one of our previous videos, one of our subscribers made a comment which really caught my attention, in his words, he said pi network is100% scam because In order to mine Pi, you need to give the company permission to your phone. This way they have access to your personal information. They earn by selling that information to other big companies and Pi will never be a real crypto currency, it’s a waste of time.
I really found this statement hearth aching because a large community has been involved in the Pi network in recent months. As a result, some speculate that it may not be the next bitcoin. That's why there's a competition to get it.

And this is also unavoidable because of the size of the community. It would not be wrong to say that Pi can do something significant if seen. I, for one, did not have much faith in it at first, but I do now.

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