Canto Crypto Review - new L1 blockchain

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****** DESCRIPTION *******

Canto is a new Layer 1 blockchain built using Cosmos SDK. Canto blockchain aims to provide Free Public Infrastructure around DeFi primitives like lending, DEX and staking.

Canto gas token is CANTO and it has also a stablecoin NOTE.

Canto launched in September 2022. It is built by a group of on-chain builders and DeFi enthusiasts.

****** LINKS *****

Canto blockchain website: https://canto.io

Canto blog explanation: https://canto.mirror.xyz/STFv6-ZnOrsR6pJ7_JyFPt5JuhBXGQ3_lHNVEZAgUW8

Variant fund blogpost on Canto: https://variant.fund/articles/canto-a-layer-1-incentive-experiment/

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