Cardano News Update (ADA) 24HR Insight - 4th Generation Blockchain

Cardano ADA news update delivering a roundup of the all-important Cardano news and ecosystem content from the last 24 hours. In today’s video we cover, Charles testifying at the House of US Representatives, Charles on the future of 4th generation blockchains, IOHK EUTXO blog and World Mobile’s pledge to connect 1 billion users by 2030!

The idea of 4th generation blockchains may seem slightly premature considering we are yet to truly solidify the 3rd generation into the history books. But it’s those that have the 4th generation in mind whilst they build out the current infrastructure who are going to be best placed to succeed in delivering the next generation of crypto currency technology. With IOHK and Cardano thoughts to the future has always been at the very foundation of their research, we see this with examples like Mithril and Input Endorsers and how this is going to change the game when it comes to truly delivering a sustainable & scalable POS blockchain. In today’s video I’ve got some information that offers a brief look into the future of technology and why it just might be Cardano that is going to deliver a 4th generation blockchain revolutionising global infrastructure beyond what is recognisable today!

0:00 - Intro
1:06 - Future of digital asset regulation
4:37 - Charles on 4th generation blockchains
8:41 - IOHK EUTXO blog
9:34 - World Mobile 1 billion user pledge

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