Cardano Price In Serious FREE FALL! Do Not Miss This Vital ADA Update

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Intro 00:00
Cardano in opportunity zone 1:30
Crypto is easier than it looks 2:00
Cardano fundamentals mixed with the charts 2:30
Glancing at the 6 zoomed in charts 3:20
Door to crypto opportunity opening 3:50
Looking for potential pullback on ADA 4:20
Cardano price target .50 5:30
Heavy buy zone for me 6:10
ADA oversold on macro view 6:30
Long term thinking and risk tolerance 8:50
Cardano has achieved a lot 9:30
2022 for ADA 11:00
Cardano daily chart 11:50

Cardano price continues to fall, but as short term ada price does not look great, the opportunity on the weekly zoomed out chart is really presenting itself. Especially as 2022 begins and Cardano continues to optimize and grow its network.

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