Cathie Wood: "$1M Bitcoin Is A Conservative Price Prediction Now"

Cathie Wood Explains How Bitcoin Gets To $1 Million

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Investor Cathie Wood of Ark Invest gave her bullish take on Blockchain, Bitcoin, and A.I. Coinbase, one of Cathie’s significant holdings. Bitcoin, and her own fund, Arkk Invest took it on the chin in 2022, but all are showing signs of recovery at the time of writing, albeit still significantly off from their all-time highs. Coinbase is currently trading at $81.46, up 144% since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin is trading for $23,469.48, up 2% in the past 7 days and up 41% year to date. And ARKK is trading for $44.41, up 45%, year to date. While these gains are promising in the interim, they are nothing compared to what Cathie is predicting on her 5-year time horizon. Cathie has taken heat in the media for her $1M Bitcoin price prediction. Nonetheless, Cathie is now calling for her $1M Bitcoin to be a “conservative”. Cathie details how Bitcoin will get to $1M and in her view, Blackrock might have a lot to do with it.
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