Cathie Wood's Bullish Crypto Report | Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and Wallets

Cathie Wood and her Ark Investment Management are back with their unsolicited Big Ideas 2023 report. The investment firm started publishing the annual document in 2017 “to highlight the technological breakthroughs evolving today and creating the potential for super-exponential growth tomorrow.” The report is toplined by a bold prediction that the market value of disruptive innovation platforms could scale up from $13 trillion today to “$200 trillion by 2030.

Ark Invest Big Ideas Report ➜ https://ark-invest.com/big-ideas-2023/

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00:00 intro
00:30 Institutional Traders
01:25 Cathie Wood's ARK
02:34 Big Ideas 2023
03:18 Crypto Mining Energy
04:14 Innovative Platforms Growth
05:20 Digital Assets in Bear Market
07:13 Digital Property Rights
07:48 Digital Wallets
11:44 DeFi
14:05 Web3 Tipping Point
16:40 Cathie Loves NFTs
17:52 Sponsor: Ledger
19:00 Crypto will 25x
19:58 Bitcoin
20:26 Bitcoin to $1 Million
21:37 Ethereum
22:16 New Networks Are Unlikely
23:42 $450 Billion in Fees
24:43 Follow The Developers
25:50 Polygon & Gaming
28:03 outro

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~Cathie Wood's Bullish Crypto Report | Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and Wallets~
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