Chapter 1 - 4 Key Features Of Blockchain Technology (Full Course 1)

Chapter1 - 4 Key Features Of Blockchain Technology (Full Course 1)

Even though blockchain technology is in its early stages, there are many things in our society that it is going to change. To start, it has already begun to solve the problem of manipulation and is starting to disrupt multiple industries, making the process of recording transactions more democratic, transparent, secure, and efficient. If you are not as familiar with blockchain technology as you would like, here are the four key features that makeup blockchain technology.

1. Decentralized Systems.
2. Distributed Ledger.
3. Safer and Secure Ecosystem.
4. Minting.

In conclusion, along with being the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has many other real-world applications. As the technology continues to move toward mainstream acceptance, it is essential to understand the key features of the technology.

In the next chapter we will discuss “4 Big Advantages of Blockchain”.
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