Chia QA Weekly - Chia Profitability, Chia Farming vs GPU Mining + Garage Datacenter Future

Today we dive into Questions about XCH Price, Chia Profitability, Chia Farming vs GPU Mining, farming and electric efficiency, and the Future of Crypto with threats of government legislation and regulation. Other topics covered are garage datacenter ideas, my history with cryptos, whether I picked up BHouse's blocking mojo, and how the hell did I end up with all this gear?!

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Crypto Profitability Tracker Chart https://digitalspaceport.com/gpu-mining-vs-chia-farming-profitability/

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10K 750TiB Chia farm blueprint
Article https://digitalspaceport.com/chia-farm-template-750-tib-for-10000/

Chia Earnings Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXviouJ1dZhT3s_4wQgdySnTMJJX3E5LXcJJv5xftdg/edit#gid=905970511

Enterprise Chia Farm DIY
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