China's Instagram Adds NFTs on Conflux | $CFX + $MASK Skyrocket

Little Red Book, (XiaohongShu), the Chinese version of Instagram integrates Conflux Network as permissionless blockchain allowing users to showcase NFTs minted on Conflux on their profile page in the digital collection section called ‘R-Space’. Conflux Network token $CFX since skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Elon Musk's twitter wallet dreams once again prompted $MASK network token to skyrocket as well.

00:00 intro
00:29 China's Instagram NFTs
01:25 Conflux Network $CFX
02:44 Conflux app Ledger Integration
03:46 E-Commerce NFTs
04:29 Blue-Chip NFT Collections
04:55 Digital Yuan
06:10 Hong Kong and web3
07:42 "Digital Collectibles"
08:44 $CFX Token Inflation
09:24 Instagram vs Twitter
10:15 Instagram NFT Minting Coming Soon
11:11 Mask Network & Twitter NFTs
12:07 $CFX Chart
13:12 outro

#NFT #Crypto #metaverse
~China's Instagram Adds NFTs on Conflux | $CFX + $MASK Skyrocket~
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