Coinbase Report Reveals MEGA-Bullish Bitcoin & Ethereum Adoption

Coinbase’s revenue, trading volumes, monthly transacting users and platform assets all rose in the final quarter of a year during which the company became the first publicly traded crypto exchange. The crypto exchange’s trading volume hit $547 billion, a nearly 70% quarter-over-quarter increase. Coinbase is also claiming that current ETH staking yields (between 4-5%) should double to upwards of 9-12% APR in June.

00:00 intro
00:44 Coinbase Q4 Revenue
03:15 ETH Yields will double
05:44 Bitcoin Holdings Skyrocket
09:29 Buy the Invasion
11:12 Coinbase Report Data
16:51 Goldman Sachs Joins Coinbase
17:59 ALICE listed on Coinbase
20:32 Bitcoin Sentiment
21:43 Crypto Power Index Data
25:15 outro

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~Coinbase Report Reveals MEGA-Bullish Bitcoin & Ethereum Adoption~
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