COINOVY - All-Around Digital Crypto Wallet

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About Coinovy :
Coinovy, a digital financial platform, is an all-in-one wallet system which holds distinctive features such as: allowing users to receive and transfer, swap and earn, or even borrow digital currencies from several different wallets. To further enhance user experience, Coinovy will be providing a Debit Card powered by Visa for ease of transactions & liquidity, ensuring the utmost security by partnering with BitGo and further, to assist
small companies with the function of Token to Crypto.

Key Features:
Combines an unlimited number of wallets to
- Send
- Receive
- Exchange
- earn and borrow (All-In-One Wallet System).

There are 4 pillars of strength which are the:
- Technology
- Exchangeability
- Wallet solution
- Crypto to fiat

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