College Athletes Profiting off of Cryptocurrency Sponsorships and NFTs!

College Athletes Profiting off of Cryptocurrency Sponsorships and NFTs! Sports is an incredibly lucrative business, and colleges were banking insane returns and not sharing with student-athletes, thanks to NIL that is now changing! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Nilcoins the official cryptocurrency of college athletes!
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College athletes have an incredible opportunity now to be able to profit and benefit off of their NIL Name Image Likeness now thanks to new NCAA rules and Nilcoins is looking to help them take it a step further. NIL cryptocurrency will help student athletes benefit from earning cryptocurrencies, getting brand deals, and just help them connect and land huge sponsorships. Nillionaire just like a dogecoin millionaire or shiba millionaire could be the next thing, so much that they have already branded a rap video around this! NIL token will help expose and encourage a whole new wave of cryptocurrency investors to use, enjoy, and benefit from cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT technology!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Cryptocurrency can change the cause of your life?
02:05 NIL coin rewards College Athletes
03:33 Nil gives athletes a safe and legal platform to earn crypto
05:08 Dogecoin And Shiba Inu millionaires
06:34 Will this project be a success?
08:29 Partnerships an opportunities to earn
09:51 New sports NFTs on
10:57 The future of Cryptocurrencies?
12:00 Buy NIL coin on Uniswap

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