Complete Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Training Course 2022

The much awaited Complete Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Training Course 2022 training has been launched. If you are struggling with your Crypto or Forex trading Journey then you are at the right place. This course teaches you everything that is essential for a successful trader.

If someone is looking for Get Rich quick Scheme then this course is not for you. Trading requires patience, persistence, discipline & consistency. As a good trader, you should know how to execute a low risk & high reward trade set-up. And this execution demands a good grip on technical analysis.

The first session is focused on candlestick chart formation. You will learn how to use candlestick charts to predict the future price movement of any cryptocurrency or an asset. Price action analysis helps traders to spot high reward set-ups. In price action analysis lectures, you will learn the art of using support, resistance & trend lines.

The third session covers complete chart formation analysis. Chart patterns are used by traders to predict price movement of any cryptocurrency through support & resistance lines; in the form of different charts. The chart formation can either be bullish or bearish. Upon breakout or breakdown; traders can take high reward trade set-ups. Identifying the breakout or breakdown is a dream of every good trader. Simply focus on learning this strategy & your dream will also come true.

The forth session covers the most used technical indicators by worldwide traders. These indicators helps a trader to identify when to Enter & when to exit the market.

Risk management is the backbone of cryptocurrency trading. The fifth session will teach you how to manage your trade risk & how to save your portfolio from heavy loss. 95% traders fail due to lack of risk management. You should be the winning 5% & for this risk management strategy needs to be followed religiously.

The sixth session cover lectures on position size & its calculation. Risk management & position size are correlated. Understanding trade psychology is essential to survive in highly volatile markets. In the last session, your will learn how to overcome fear, greed, anxiety, nervousness, doubt & FOMO. After finishing the training, do paper trading for a month. Apply all strategies & then start off with real money.

So what you are waiting for? Enroll today & become a professional Technical analysis expert.

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