CRO Coin crypto.com name change to CROnos and Bitcoin update #crypto #cronos #btc

CRO Coin crypto.com name change to CROnos and Bitcoin update #crypto #cronos #btc Crypto, DeFi, and VVS Finance update on opportunities and risks #crypto #vvsfinance #crocoin DeFi decentralized Finance and VVS Finance glitter mine stake for the single token #vvsfinance Liquidity farming and mining at vvs finance adding to wealth generation for single Cryptocurrency liquidity farming walkthrough on crypto com and vvs finance yield framing is a great way to make passive income on your crypto. Yield farming comes with a risk too. there is of course risk of the crypto locked in the farm will loose value. There are other risks as well. be sure to do your own research and watch the video. fees for getting the farm started are high. The high yield more than makes up for the fees paid. With great risk comes great rewards of more than 100% and it could be up to 1000%! With yields this high you know it's high risk. I only use the part of my crypto portfolio that is high risk. this "high" risk crypto could goto zero, altho all crypto could right??? be sure to subscribe for updates.

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