Crypto Mining Decentralized Data Storage with ScPrime - Features FileCoin and SiaCoin are Missing

And I'm at it again talking about decentralized data storage mining. Last video I gave you a brief overview about this project but today we're diving WAY deep into what makes this project such a hidden gem. I had the opportunity to sit with Kenneth Scott Bell and have a real Action Crypto chat where we talked about why ScPrime is the next decentralized AWS. In the last video I showed you how I picked up an XA-Miner and if we want to see a truly decentralized web 3.0 this is a must. The SCP Token has been stable during the bearish market time. That's what happens when a Crypto project is more than a fad. When there's a solid product behind the SCP Crypto Token the markets don't matter. The token price is dictated by them fulfilling a need. This is the early adopter ramp up, the pre mainnet launch crowd. I know I got a lot of you guys into Deeper Network pre mainnet and
I'm excited to follow ScPrime and see how it takes off to catch up to Filecoin mining. Obviously, I'm looking for the sweet early adopter rewards as that takes place. I don't want to sound like a broken record but like Akash Greg says, you can't claim to be fully decentralized and hosted by AWS. If you're just getting started with crypto mining 2021 then I would say this is a great crypto mining for beginners experience. I love plug and play passive income mining machines and this one is soaring to the top of my list.

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