Crypto Projects from Brisbane, Australia Building on Cardano & Road to CNFTCon Presentation

At this meetup we have three projects from Brisbane, building on Cardano, giving us updates.

We have:

Chris from Chasing Pars presenting on "Road to CNFTCon".
CNFTCon is an NFT conference in Vegas coming up in October. It's a two-day event, and Chris has a special presentation about the conference, what to expect and some really cool highlights.

Rune Fortress Project Update
Rune Fortress is a tower defence game that incorporates NFTs in the project making the characters playable and tradable. Attila, the project creator, will be giving us an update on where the project is at, and the next phase of development.

ART2WEB3 is a consulting service company that aims to bring a solution to Artists who want to navigate Web3. ART2WEB3 provides wide range of services for Artists and companies who want get started in the NFT Space to sell/digitize their Art using Blockchain technology. ART2WEB3 will focus on building on Cardano and it's ecosystem. Cardano is one of the most secure Networks / with the best potential in term of scalability. It also has the most advanced POS technology.

And we have an update from Cheeky Unts & NFT giveaway. They're a cute Australian pixel art project with unique Australian animals. One of our community members has a few stubbie holders, and I have a couple of NFTs to give away as a door prize. You have to be there to win one.

If we are lucky, we may get some more $HOSKY tokens to giveaway, so please bring along your wallet address to share with others.

5:30pm rock up, network and drinks
6:00pm Start Intro
6:15pm Presentations
7:00pm Open Q&A
7:20pm get out of the venue
7:30pm Finns for drinks and food. Order before 7:20pm or miss out!

*** None of the information on this episode is to be considered as financial advice. All conversations and opinions are that of the guests and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky.

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