Crypto Sell Off! BitCoin DOWN 15%! WHAT NEXT?!

Cryptocurrency Market Correction w/ BitCoin 15% Sell Off! WHAT NEXT?!

The cryptocurrency market has sold off heavily over the past couple of days with BitCoin very much being the crypto that has hit the headlines having recently reached all time highs of $68,000 per coin at the start of November only to go on and crash 15% and begin a potential cryptocurrency market correction.

There are questions as to whether this knee jurk reaction from all time highs could be an indication of a “double bubble” for Bitcoins price as some analysts have called out, resulting in a huge market crash, or could this just be part and parcel of a natural market cycle?

We’ll discuss all of the details in the video, i’ll also briefly touch upon the new legislation put in place over in the US and touch on some important points to note if you’re a crypto investor over here in the UK (link to the article below that I referred to during the vid)

Then we’ll finish off with some technical analysis on both Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Ethereum (ETHUSD) and i’ll provide my price predictions and price forecasts over the coming months ahead!

Here are the timestamps:
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00:50 BitCoin Price
01:26 Buy The Dip
02:50 Cryptocurrency Legislation
04:18 BitCoin Analysis
08:36 Ethereum Analysis
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