Crypto Taxes Explained For Beginners (TIPS TO REDUCE YOUR TAXES)

Stressed about tax season? Not sure whether or not you owe taxes on your crypto gains? My guest expert Thabo Abbate, a crypto tax accountant who works with some of the biggest names in crypto. He makes this topic amazingly simple and you'll walk away with clear action steps for getting a handle on your taxes, plus tips & tricks so you don't pay a dollar more in taxes than you need to ;)

00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:09 - How did you get started in crypto?
00:05:26 - What is cryptocurrency?
00:07:07 - How can you know if you owe tax on your crypto?
00:11:59 - How does the IRS know if you owe taxes?
00:14:44 - What's Step 1 for getting a handle on your crypto taxes?
00:22:35 - What are the top 3 easiest crypto tax softwares?
00:22:35 - Most Common tax mistakes that crypto investors make
00:27:54 - Any crypto tax horror stories you can share?
00:34:52 - What is an NFT?
00:39:28 - How do taxes work for NFTs?
00:44:32 - Tips & tricks to minimize your crypto taxes
00:47:47 - How do you choose which coin to sell for taxes?
01:01:38 - What does crypto mean for people and for the future?
01:04:05 - Where can we learn more about crypto taxes?


Need help w/ your crypto taxes? Get step-by-step guidance from Thabo in his easy-to-follow course "Mastering Crypto Taxes" ← Use code "ROSE" for 15% off

You can also follow Thabo at:



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