CRYPTO Traders Be CAREFUL?? KPMG Buys Bitcoin & Ethereum | Massive GALA Price Surge

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market keep its UPSWING going STRONG!! Another corporation LOADS UP ON CRYPTO!! Avalanche is rallying up the mountain, while the Galaverse RAKES IN HUGE GAINS!! We break down the BEST NFT MARKETPLACES on CARDANO!! And LunarCrush drops a nifty new feature!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:26 Introduction
0:48 Market Wrap
1:32 Big Corporate BTC ETH Purchase
2:04 Avalanche Rallying
2:54 Gala Gains
3:31 Best NFT Marketplaces on Cardano
4:03 New LunarCrush Perks

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