Crypto Trading Course | Introduction | Lets Uncover

So finally we are going to start the Advance Crypto Trading course where I will teach you How to Earn Money from Crypto Trading. In my point of view, Cryptocurrency is the future. I will teach that how you can do Technical Analysis and Fundamental analysis like a pro. After watching this course you will have complete knowledge of crypto trading. This video is the introduction video and you can decide whether you want to learn about cryptocurrencies or not.

What is Bitcoin and how Bitcoin Works:

How I Lost 100000rs in Cryptocurrency Trading:

Topics discussed in this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:55 My Story of loss
02:55 When to Invest Money in Crypto
05:06 What you will learn in this course
06:27 Earning Potential
07:21 Halal and Haram in Crypto Trading
09:02 Decision time

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