Cryptocurrency Burning Is Monetary Policy Hell: What Makes Cardano Different?

Cryptocurrency Burning is Monetary Policy Hell
By LiberLion

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Blockchain technology was pioneered (although not created) by cypherpunks, a group of activists seeking to improve privacy through cryptography as a route to social and political change.

The best known of them is Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of the principles on which blockchain technology was built is decentralization, to differentiate itself from the traditional financial world with power concentrated in a few hands that digitize global markets.

Another principle is to have healthy money, different from the monetary policy of the Central Banks, which manipulate the issuance of money according to the dictates of politicians, destroying the predictability of the monetary value.

There are blockchain developments that have departed from these principles.

In this article we will discuss the concept of burning cryptocurrencies, an arbitrary monetary policy typically designed to increase the price.

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