Cryptocurrency Can Be Hilarious 101: Just Change Your Perspective. Part Three

The way the Bitcoins move around in this third short film makes me think of gangs moving in and out of each other way not sure if they should be fighting or not. I hope you understood The bitcoin we spoke about in parts one and two is no longer unique and has to fight its way on the blockchain. It is not the center of attention at square dances and if it does a sexy dance so will all the other bitcoins. At the beginning of this film, it appeared that all the bitcoins were forced to float together like a school of fish swim together. Reviewing all three films together I would have to conclude that sometimes bitcoin is like a god and the center of attention, and at other times doing all it can to have the attention and lastly fighting to remain unique. It is quite a character. I hope you understand and enjoyed my sense of humor.
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