Cryptocurrency Explained

This video on Cryptocurrency covers all the important concepts from basics to advanced. Also it covers all the information about Cryptocurrency like what Cryptocurrency is, how Cryptocurrency originated, How Cryptocurrency works, How Cryptocurrency benefits us and How it works on Blockchain. Don't forget to take the quiz at 04:00!

These are the topics we will be discussing in this video:
0:48 - What is Cryptocurrency?
1:11 - What makes Cryptocurrency so different and interesting?
2:18 - How Cryptocurrency works?
2:54 - What is "CRYPTO" in Cryptocurrency?
3:18 - Impact of Cryptocurrency on the World
3:31 - About "Malta Island"
4:12 - Benefits of Cryptocurrency
4:25 - Future of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency works on Blockchain Technology, it is decentralized, open source and a mode of peer-to-peer transaction. it is not issued and controlled by any government or central authority, unlike other payment systems.

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