CRYPTOTAB Scam?? Ban me?? My Cryptotab Mining BTC Farm Future Plans

Hey Guys! Welcome to my channel. In the video, we visit My CryptoTab Pro Mining farm using 1 Desktop, 1 laptop and 8 mobile phones. Earning an average of $40+ A Month | $1.33 + A Day.

PS: I sold my remaining phones to invest a desktop, more of that will be share in my coming videos.

Why Cryptotab Ban me? My suspicion is because I withdraw all my 13 mobiles into one wallet -it could be because the system detected me as fraud but I will share more in the next video.

Account 1: 27223 Satoshi (15.70 USD)
Account 2: 7053 Satoshi (4.10 USD)
Account 3: 3930 Satoshi (2.30 USD)
Account 4: 3542 Satoshi (2.05 USD)
Account 5: (Banned)
Account 6: (Banned)
Account 7: (Banned)
Account 8: (Banned)

Feel free to comment on your question below and I will try my best to respond to you all. Cheers and Stay Safe!

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