Daily Update Ethereum | How To Read/Understand Technical Trend Analysis? | FAST&CLEAR | 30.Jun.2022

A professional analysis of the current price and trend for Ethereum / ETHUSD powered by AI. Hope you enjoyed this price analysis of Ethereum / ETHUSD and subscribe to get fresh videos every day.
➡️➡️ RSI Explanation: https://youtu.be/C6A4Mwxerd8 ⬅️⬅️
➡️➡️ Stochastic RSI Explanation: https://youtu.be/7w_OKdrZEfU ⬅️⬅️️
➡️➡️ EMA Explanation: https://youtu.be/xqR5b6NhIgE ⬅️⬅️️
➡️➡️ Divergence Explanation: https://youtu.be/8tUpgEn0Alg ⬅️⬅️️
➡️➡️ MACD Explanation: https://youtu.be/ISLaqBSj65A ⬅️⬅️

️This channel is new and we are constantly changing and improving so stay tuned to get the most out of it.

In order to give you the best technical results, we are using the latest technology to make our analysis stand out from everything else out there.

DISCLAIMER: Trading with Ethereum and generally with cryptocurrencies is very risky! These videos are not a financial advice, as they are just a personal opinion and analysis of the market. We are not responsible for your trades and investments. Always do your own research before investing!
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