Dan Hollings Crypto Bots Trading Course “The Plan” Is Not a Scam! Here is Why…

WATCH THE REPLAY https://anastasiablogger.com/theplan If you are looking for Dan Hollings reviews about crypto bots trading course The Plan, you will learn from this video why this program is not a scam. My personal experience with Crypto Bot Trading Course. See my results with grid bots on Bitsgap in real-time.

00:00 - Intro
01:10 – Investment Pool Scams
02:21 – Why The Plan is the Safest Way of Crypto Trading
03:14 – They Only You Can Lose Money with this Method
04:01 – The Crypto Scams You Should Be Aware of
04:30 – Can You Get Similar Profits Trading Manually?
05:15 – What is The Minimum Investment in a Crypto Bot?
06:30 – Is The Plan too Technical? Will You Manage to Set Your Bots?
07:00 – Is it a Good Time to Join the Program Now?

The thing is, crypto space in general has a bad fame and a lot of people automatically assume that anything that starts with the word crypto must be a scam.
I get it, a lot of people have tried and lost their money on the crypto market and the main problem is that people don’t know what they are doing. Often times, people get into the market because of the hype, buy some overrated meme coins and sure enough have 0 understanding of the market.

But you see, The Plan is a training program that teaches you a particular method of crypto trading that is very safe and conservative compared to everything else I’ve seen on this market. Now, I am not a financial advisor, and I am only sharing my personal experience with this program.

But I’ll tell you more to explain why it is safe but let’s get back to the scams in crypto. Usually if someone speaks about scams, it’s when people take your money and tell you they will manage it FOR you, in some investment pull and then you never see your money again.

The Plan has nothing in common with these schemes that you might have heard of. It’s just a training on how to use grid bots for crypto trading. You are not sending your investment money to Dan or his team. Your money is always in your crypto exchange account, and the software that you use for bot trading, it is connected to your exchange but it doesn’t hold your crypto on their platform at any time. All it does is making hundreds of micro-transactions by selling and buying cryptocurrency on your behalf and making little by little consistent profits. These little profits are always immediately sent to your crypto exchange account.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, try this link anastasialblogger.com/theplan and you might be able to catch a free training by Dan where he explains this in greater detail.

Now let’s get back to the idea of grid bots trading being the safest that I’ve seen in the crypto space so far. What essentially happens is that instead of trying to time the market and buy low sell high manually, you are using these bots to do micro-transactions on every little fluctuation of the coin price.

You know that the crypto market is very volatile, right? Well, for this method it actually is a good thing. When the coin goes sideways for a long time, the bots thrive.

If you heard the term dollar-cost averaging, this method of bot trading is kind of doing exactly that, it keeps buying the coin every time when there is a good opportunity. When the coin is a bit lower in price, the bots buy a bit and when the price is higher, the bot sells it and the little profit you just made on this micro-transaction, goes directly to your crypto exchange account.

If you really think about it, the only way to lose your money in this model, is if you get scared when your coin goes down in price and the bot gets in the red zone, and if you sell your coin at that time and close the bot, you will lose some money. Not because of the bot but because the coin went down in price. The best advice Dan gives in his program when the coin gets in the red zone, is just wait until it gets back into the range of prices you set for this bot.

Most of the coins in the top 100 are good coins with real-life value and teams behind them, so if you stick to these proven coins and don’t try to go for the next overhyped shitcoin (I apologize for that word, but that’s how they are called on the crypto market).

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