Dan Hollings The Plan HONEST Review. My personal experience with Crypto Bot Trading Course

Dan Hollings The Plan HONEST Review. WATCH THE REPLAY https://anastasiablogger.com/theplan
My personal experience with Crypto Bot Trading Course. See my results with grid bots on Bitsgap in real-time.
I recently took this online program and this is my official Dan Hollings “The Plan” review. I am ready to share with you an insider look into the course and the results I’ve got by the end of the first couple of weeks testing the crypto bots with the settings suggested by Dan.
I’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies and just holding the coins for several months.
I heard about crypto bots as an interesting passive way of making money on this market benefiting from its volatility.
I kept buying a little bit of crypto every time the prices dipped but honestly, at some point I felt exhausted by contently watching videos of crypto gurus on Youtube to understand where the prices were going next. I started feeling that it becomes less passive for me than I thought it would be. Despite that, I could never tell when is a good time to sell and take profits from my crypto. I needed some guidance, I needed a legit crypto trading course.

What Dan teaches in his program is to use crypto bots that buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf multiple times a day, so they are essentially taking profits from the volatility of this market every single day, in small amounts. So instead of waiting for a huge price surge (which you never know when it might happen, especially if you are not doing this trading thing for living), you are making little profits from small transactions and that totals a great profit that goes to your crypto exchange account right away.

You don’t have to close the bot to get your profits! You are getting the profits into your crypto exchange instantly from every transaction the bot makes.
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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Check my real-time results with crypto bots in Bitsgap
05:12 - What is a HODL Bot
07:53 - Insider Look into the Members Area of The Plan
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