Dave Perrill: Compute North provides the power behind blockchain | CGConversations

On this episode of #CGConversations, Compute North CEO and co-founder Dave Perrill reflects on the recent CoinGeek Conference in New York City which he attended. Speaking from experience of attending other blockchain conferences such as BTC’s, Ethereum’s and Litecoin’s, he tells host Charles Miller that the #BSVBlockchain conference was “very thoughtful.” He goes on to say that the BSV community is “strategically thinking about the future, the differentiators, and how it would apply to the rest of the ecosystems.”

As for what’s to come, Dave sees a future where blockchain will be embedded deep in our technology. “Most people won’t even understand it, the complexities behind the scenes and how it works won’t be a part of the public dynamic.” Dave believes that the underpinnings of how the technology comes together will be buried—and for him, that’s a good thing. He says, for the most part, “People will only care about what the technology brings to them.”

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