DCA w Rob & Dave Lee : Bitcoin, Crypto, Tesla, Investment Conviction and more

Dave Lee on Investing: https://youtube.com/daveleeoninvesting
Digital Asset news Channel: https://youtube.com/DigitalAssetNewsDAN

1) investing philosophy - full conviction vs diversification
2) Rob and Dave how you got orange pilled? ie addicted to crypto
3) Dave any holdings if you are willing to share
4) Tesla and Space X insights for the audience - I can talk about my big short and update on that also
Will Elon Musk Buy Bitcoin?
5) if you had to invest 10K now where would you place it?
6) outlook to the week ahead for the markets
7) Q&A questions - super chats donated to charity of course. K8 will choose the best Q's for both Rob and Dave and I.
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