Decentralization of healthcare with blockchain. Maxim Kolyada, DeHealth Business Development Manager

"Everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized". You might have heard such a statement when studying blockchain and Web3. But how specifically will it happen in an industry X, especially if it has existed for decades as centralized and heavily regulated?

The short answer is "We don't know, but we`ll have seen". (Remember for example could you predict in 1995 how the internet would have changed, let`s say, the telecommunications industry till 2022). But with understanding the principles and basics of blockchain technology we can make a vision and even discuss hypotheses and potential business models of "decentralized industry X".

Today our X is going to be the #healthcare industry. Everyone deals with it. But few realize that the current healthcare system has the same flaws that we have had in Web2. Tons of very important and valued data of millions of patients are being collected by centralized siloed entities, then traded for the profit of big industry participants. And guess what - millions of initial sources of this data gain nothing from this system!

Likewise in Web3 people will take back their power over their data (which is now being collected by Google and Facebook), the same story will happen inevitably with the current system of data turnover in healthcare when #blockchain technology will be applied there. How specifically patients will be able to collect their medical data by themselves in dApp and benefit from selling it to other stakeholders, we have deeply discussed with Maxim Kolyada, business development manager of DeHealth:

00:00 opening remarks
02:00 how DeHealth started
05:30 how blockchain can disrupt the current situation with patients` data in healthcare
08:35 what does the name "DeHealth" mean
10:35 why DeHealth is not another middleman who collects the data
13:55 about the role of the DHLT token
16:00 what will influence the DHLT token price
20:50 about DeHeath tokenomics
23:10 where is DeHealth on its roadmap now
25:45 DeHealth core team members
30:00 why the DeHealth community is quite large
33:15 how DeHealth participants earn money in the system
39:00 who and how may join DeHealth ecosystem
41:00 about #DeHealth partners
43:30 should current HLT token holders care now
45:30 vision on the success of DeHealth
47:55 how to join DeHealh community
49:40 what should you do further if you care

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