Destroying Robert Kiyosaki on Bitcoin & the Stock Market | Paul Reacts

WARNING: Paul says some terrible things about Robert Kiyosaki. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is a huge name in the investing and business world and a lot of people's lives have changed as a result of his book and his teachings.

However, despite some of his teachings, we don't think that Kiyosaki is the best guy to learn from when it comes to investing. He has some very interesting takes on Bitcoin, gold, the stock market, and what an asset is.

In this video, watch investors react to Robert Kiyosaki as Paul and Mo take an extended look at some short video clips of him throughout TikTok and YouTube shorts.

(Recorded June 30, 2022)
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0:00 Reacting to Robert Kiyosaki
0:57 Money is Debt, a Purse Isn’t an Asset?
1:46 Paul on Cash and Liabilities
3:20 Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t make sense
6:28 Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin
9:33 Robert Kiyosaki on the stock market
10:51 People who invest in the stock market are losers?
12:37 Apple or Tesla?
14:45 Our final thoughts on Kiyosaki

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