Discover ZenGo: The First On-Chain Crypto Wallet with No Private Key Vulnerability


Like most crypto wallets, ZenGo offers on-chain access to your crypto. So you’re self-custodying it, you can buy and sell NFTs with the wallet, DeFi, Gaming, etc. Unlike some of these wallets, ZenGo is multichain, so it supports more than just Ethereum: including Bitcoin, Tezos, Dogecoin, and more. ZenGo removes the vulnerability of the need for a private key, making it much more secure than traditional crypto wallets. And unlike many cryptocurrency wallets that only offer two-factor authentication (2FA), ZenGo’s security model offers 3FA, with email, recovery file and face scans keeping your wallet safe.

In combination, these three factors, in addition to ZenGo’s MPC-based cryptography, significantly minimizes the risk that comes with cryptocurrency storage. These security features keep you safe and eliminate the significant point of failure in crypto storage — the private key. This privacy feature and ZenGo’s friendly and intuitive interface makes the wallet a great choice for novice investors. Unlike many other cryptocurrency wallets, ZenGo removes many technicalities and complexities from storing cryptocurrency. ZenGo’s simple recoverability process makes it easy for anyone to access their crypto from anywhere, at any time. Because of ZenGo, MPC technology usually reserved for multi-billion dollar institutions is now available to average crypto users.
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