Does Bitcoin Mining Waste Energy?

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In this video, I discuss whether Bitcoin mining wastes energy.

I conclude that Bitcoin mining does not waste energy, for two primary reasons:

1) Bitcoin mining rigs are incredibly energy efficient, and continue to get more energy efficient over time;

2) Bitcoin mining is a worthy use of energy, because Bitcoin provides a unique form of neutral and ethical money that cannot be captured, controlled, debased, or censored.

Appointing an "energy czar" to tell everyone what is and is not a good use of energy is a slippery slope, and probably not very market efficient.

Bitcoin is money that:

1) Cannot be debased.
2) Cannot be censored.

I think that's at least as good a use of energy as Christmas lights

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J/Th efficiency over time for Bitcoin mining rigs:

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Bitcoin Mining Uses Less Energy Than Christmas Lights:

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