Dogecoin vs Bitcoin! (EXPLAINED)

An objective analysis of the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Dogecoin. looking at the crypto trilemma and the three functions of money in this video I will compare the fundamentals including inflation rate, decentralization, and store of value properties held by these two cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Dogecoin are more similar than they are different and to build a better cryptocurrency space for the future of humanity we should work together to provide a solid, viable replacement to the US dollar and the current global Fiat monetary system. Both Bitcoin and Dogecoin are working to create an alternative to the traditional finance system, but nothing great happens without both cooperation and competition. In this video I will explain if Dogecoin is it good investment or if it truly is just a joke. what is Dogecoin and how does it compare to Bitcoin? The results will undoubtedly surprise you. Bitcoin may be a better store of value than Dogecoin but according to this fundamental analysis and the undeniable data, Dogecoin appears to be a better medium of exchange. this doesn't mean that Dogecoin works better as a currency than Bitcoin, it just means that they both have their roles to play in the cryptocurrency space. These two completely valid cryptocurrencies are both two pieces of the same puzzle that is the future of cryptocurrency.
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