Dual Mining Ethereum (ETH) and TONCOIN (TON)

How to configure Dual Mining ETH+TON with lolMiner

PLEASE!! UPDATE HiveOS. There are new 3 videos showing each of the 3 pools:

That guide will show how to mine dual mining. We are talking how to mine ETH and TON. First of all you need minimum lolMiner 1.43

What to add in the extra configuration?

Tonwhales.com  (https://youtu.be/qFFNm5mVqHY)
--dualmode TONDUAL --dualpool https://pool.services.tonwhales.com --dualuser Your_Ton_Wallet

Ton-pool.com (https://youtu.be/PSsqgt0zqDU)
--dualmode TONDUAL --dualpool https://next.ton-pool.com --dualuser Your_Ton_Wallet

Toncoinpool.io (https://youtu.be/kkCpwoi10DM)
--dualmode TONDUAL --dualpool wss://pplns.toncoinpool.io/stratum --dualuser Your_Ton_Wallet

At the moment of that Video HiveOS hasn't update his interface to make the dual mining visible.

For hashrate please check all of them at https://hashrate.no
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