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Elon musk's rocket will crash moon? Elon Musk's rocket got out of control!
Elon Musk's Out of Control SpaceX Rocket to Crash Into Moon in March. ... Since then, the second stage of the rocket, or booster, has been floating in what mathematicians call a chaotic orbit, said astronomer Bill Gray, who calculated the space junk's new collision course with the Moon

Elon Musk’s Out of Control SpaceX Rocket to Crash Into Moon in March
What happens if a rocket hits the moon? How much does it cost to fly a rocket to the moon? Can I pay to go to the moon? How long is a trip to the moon? Has Elon Musk been space? Can I pay to go to space? How much does Elon Musk charge in space? How much is a ticket on SpaceX? How much will it cost to go to Mars? Can anyone go to space now? How can I get free space?

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