Enhanced Execution and the Future of Banking - Katie Canales, Ran Hammer, and Tom White

Discussion on enhancing execution and the future of banking, which seems to be struggling to stay afloat, at Grit Daily House Consensus 2023.

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About Katie Canales:
Katie is a crypto writer for Milk Road based in Austin, Texas. She was previously a founding member of Incrypto, Morning Brew’s crypto newsletter. Before that, she was at Insider where she focused heavily on NFTs, blockchain technology, major crypto players, and the booming Web3 space.

About Ran Hammer:
Ran currently leads business development, marketing and communities for Orbs as well as being in charge of legal and compliance. Prior to joining Orbs and after specializing as a corporate lawyer in the fields of high-tech, venture capital and cross border M&A, he founded the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital coin practice at GKH Law Offices and was established as one of Israel’s leading blockchain law practitioners.

About Tom White:
Tom works as writer, investor, researcher, and advisor. Equally comfortable at the whiteboard or the podium, Tom prides himself on his integrity, work ethic, resiliency, and sense of humor. Tom previously served as the Director of Innovation on Notre Dame’s Young Alumni Board of Directors. Additionally, he has mentored numerous international consumer and enterprise startups.

About Grit Daily House:
Grit Daily House is the flagship event run by Grit Daily. It is also a physical location in Austin, four blocks from the Convention Center and three blocks from Rainey St. It includes an outdoor stage that hosts some of the best content, which is recorded live and uploaded for all to see.

The event brings in some of the most innovative leaders from around the world and across multiple industries, and it allows outside news outlets on its stage, including those from Cointelegraph, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Axios, and more.

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