Eswar Prasad: The future of money through blockchain and digital currencies | CG Conversations

This week on #CGConversations, Charles Miller talks to Eswar Prasad, Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy & Professor of Economics at Cornell University, and the author of “The Future of Money” to discuss his thoughts on central bank digital currencies, and the effect of these technologies to individuals and certain key aspects of society.

“I view some decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as not having a major intrinsic value in the sense that the purpose that they were intended to serve is a pseudonymous medium of exchange without trusted third parties. They have not proven they are efficient plus they have very unstable value, but the technology Bitcoin has bequeathed to us, blockchain, I think it’s really going to have legs,“ Eswar said.

He also presented about social changes that can happen as digital currencies are emerging these days and the benefits these changes present, especially in democratizing finance.


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